Peopledesign Innovation
Finding and shaping new value.
Peopledesign Branding
Expressing value and purpose.
Peopledesign CX
Customer & User Experience
Delivering value through interfaces and interactions.
Peopledesign Commercial Design
Commercial Design
Unique expertise with built environment companies.

Design-led Business Innovation

Value propositions start with understanding what people value. By understanding what your customers really need, we create opportunities for new products, services, and messages.

Clear vision

Peopledesign - Innovation

Value Propositions
Value propositions start with understanding what people value. We discover new insights into what customers need to create value maps and focused value propositions.

Innovation Opportunities
Building on unmet customer needs creates opportunities for new products, services, and messages. We help you define paths for future innovation.

Change Strategy
You want innovation, but people don't like change. We help you consider the roadmap and team implications to soften the ground for innovation.

Peopledesign - ESI Fellowes Rebrand
“This was my third engagement with Peopledesign at my third company. The results once again speak for themselves with a 40% growth rate following the first major adoptions of the strategies. ESI continues to work with Peopledesign on continuing phases of the project, expecting continued success!”

Mark Rhoades

President, ESI (Fellowes Contract)

Sparking growth

Leadership is about choices. We help you define your audience, differentiated claim, supporting activities – critical decisions to inform your strategic direction.

Offer Development
Your products and services should extend your position. We audit and help you organize, optimize, and plan your offer portfolio.

User/Customer Research
You can ask people what they want, but they can't tell you what they need. We conduct people-centered research to discover unmet needs.

Peopledesign - Innovation
Peopledesign - Gordon
“The time we spent with Peopledesign was like going through a doorway. We are fundamentally different today as a result, and we have come to appreciate more and more just how much you packed into the toolkit you presented us.”

Peter Spalding

President & CEO, Gordon International

Activating programs and teams

Peopledesign - Innovation

Brand Strategy
Your brand is an expression of your value proposition. We help you define your message and promise to shape customer perception and action.

CX Strategy
Customer Experience
(CX) is how you deliver on your brand promise. We help you map the customer journey to find ways to meet your customers where they are and start a flywheel of loyalty.

Digital Strategy
Not taking advantage of emerging technology can be the difference between leaders and followers. We help you define and improve your digital ecosystem to optimize today and keep an eye on tomorrow.

Strategic Planning
Through systems thinking, program design, horizon planning, collaborative workshops, standards, documentation, and knowledge transfer, we help you chart a viable course.

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